søndag 29. januar 2012

Jane Abraham 1: Jente fra Libya med masse penger

De fleste jentene som har skrevet til meg har vært mest opptatt av kjærlighet, tilsynelatende. Jane Abraham legger ikke skjul på at her er det penger inne i bildet! JEG BLIR RIK!!!

Hi my dear, Nice to meet you here today,I am a nice looking girl of 21 years old . I need your friendship and relationship.I am in pains now and I have been crying because of the war in my country Libya which was caused by president Moammar Gadhafi that killed my daddy who worked in the oil and gas company as the marketing director for many years .During this war after the death of my daddy I fled to a country where he made his life time hard earned money as the marketing director of oil and gas and I am there now as a refugee in a hotel in Dakar Senegal . Please help me receive my inheritance fund of 9.2million usd in a prime finance house as my guardian and late father abroad business partner because the bank said they need any of my late father business associate to stand for me .Please send me your full name, address and mobile phone number and call me now on this number please I need your help now . Yours love Jane Abraham.

Der det er penger er det håp tenkte jeg, så da var det jo bare å svare i veg da:)

Hi Jane
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I really hope you've managed to get help. If not, I promise to do what I can, to get your 9,2 millions. I'm really sorry to tell you that I have no phone, so we have to do this over the internet
Best Regards

Veldig synd at telefonen min ble ødelagt, så jeg ikke kan ringe å prate med henne

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