torsdag 9. februar 2012

Dominion Adu 4: Hun begynner å bli utolmodig

Samme dag som jeg sendte Miss Adu mitt siste svar, sendte hun hele to mail til meg. Jeg regner med at hun begynner å bli utolmodig, skjønner ikke hvorfor de ikke kan ta tiden til hjelp. De må jo gå glipp av enormt mye penger på å mase på denne måten? Jeg kjenner jeg begynner å glede meg over at jeg kan gi Delphine kurs i hvordan man skal lure folk på best mulig måte.

Dearest Love,
How are you today? I hope fine. I thank you once again.
I will also like to see you face to face, look before I come to the site where I found you I pray to God to give me somebody that will be reliable and trustworthy.

I trust my please try your best for me you will not regret it and please try to be fast OK because my condition here is too bad for me how i wish you will understand my situation here.

Please I have not told anyone except you about the existence of this money and l will like you to please keep it secret to other people because since it is (MONEY) all eyes will be on it. Remember I trust you that is why I am giving you all this in-formations!.My love is for you and you alone, I will like you to call me. please,just call the Rev and tell him that you want to speak with me and he will send for me immediately.You can call the Reverend and ask him the best time to call me.

I have informed the bank about my plans to claim this money and the only thing they told me is to look for a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf due to my refugee status and the laws of this country.

You will have 20% of the total money for helping me and the remaining money will be managed by you in any business of your choice. In this regards I will like you to contact the bank immediately with this information,telling them that you are my foreign partner and that you want to know the possibilities of assisting me transfer my 3.5 million dollars deposited by my late father of which I am the next of kin to your account in your country.The contact in-formations of the bank are as follows,

Email -
Account number CTB791103546/CMT/91/S
Name of account holder: Dr Adu Johnson
Next of kin: Dominion Adu Johnson
Nationality: Sudan
Amount deposited: $3.5m (Three Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars)
The name of the transfer officer is Mr Peter Sands.
(Director of Foreign Operations)
Fax ..(+448704718594)

Contact them now on how to transfer the 3.5 million dollars deposited by my late father of which I am the next of kin.

My dear l am a bit relieved that God has brought you to see me out from this situation and l promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life plus investing this money since l may not manage it well.As I told you before,this camp is just like a prison and my prayers is to move out from here as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you contact the bank so that after the transfer you can send some money from that money for me to prepare my traveling documents to meet with you in your country. in the meantime I will be expecting your call any time you receive this email.
Yours in love,
Miss Dominion.

6 timer senere kommer e-post nummer 2

How are you doing today? i hope fine. i woke up this morning and i started smiling when i remembered that some one like you out there cares about me and want to help me out and also cleans my tears of sorrow.

I wanted to know if you have contacted the bank with the information that i gave to you in my last mail to you.. if yes that you have contacted them, please try and let me know what they said about the transfer of the money to your account so that the joy and smile that i woke up with this morning will continue.

I will be waiting for your kind reply to me.
yours only sincere friend,

Jeg ble litt smått irritert, så jeg følte jeg måtte bli LITT streng. Det er ikke noe jeg er veldig flink til, så det druknet kanskje litt.

Do you even read what I write to you? As I say, I will help you, but right now it's to dangerous for you. I have contacted a man abroad, who will help us with this matter. I cannot have your money transfered to Norway. You will hear from me within a week, I promise:)


Etter litt bakgrunnsjekk måtte jeg også skryte litt av henne. Jeg fant jo ut hvem hennes kontakt i banken var. Imponerende!

By the way, I have to say, it's impressing that you have Mr. Peter Sands as your bank contact. Your father must have been an important man!

Les om Peter Sands her

tirsdag 7. februar 2012

Delphine 2: Ojojoj, hva skal man si? Hun er nok en nybegynner.

Jeg syntes at Delphine gjorde en så dårlig jobb som svindler, at jeg ga henne en mulighet til. Dessverre benyttet hun seg ikke av den

Good morning to you

I thank you so much for your kind response to my email proposal regarding the transfer of my late father's money into your account for the investment and better future of my life. Well i don’t know you in person but after going through your mail i see you as right person that God choose for me, so with this i so much believe that you will not cheat me as the money will be coming into your account. Please i come to you with the name of God to help me out from my critical condition, i contacted you believing that my life will be save through you and i come to you with all my heart and hope.

After reading your message I do understand that you really want to help me in my present condition which i explained to you in my first mail to you, I need you to stand as my guardian and provide some necessary thing to back me up in your place like bank account where the money will be save transferred and arrange for me to come over to your country so I can continue my education and live a good life because my condition here is very critical. I hope you do understand all the contains of my first mail to you, is because i want to come over to your Country and gain freedom to continue my education.

Here is more information about me, I am Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro, from the Republic de Cote d'ivoire, I am the only daughter of Late Mr. Desir Assegnini Tagro who died on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PISAM in hospital after he was hit severally and closed his mouth at the presidential residence by armed rebel forces (FRCI) Alassane Ouattara from, which is now the president of my country Cote d'Ivoire.
Meanwhile, here are the area I need your help,

1) To help provide an bank account to transfer the money and negotiate for a lucrative business to establish the money for my future life,

(2) To serve as the guardian of the money and my investment director hence I am still a student,

(3) To secure me some necessary papers which will permit me to live in your country to further my education.

Please in your return to this letter include your home and office address, telephone number and fax numbers upon receipt I will submit your information to the bank as my foreign partner who is helping me to transfer the money into your account. Please i am waiting for your kind response.

Best Regard
Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro.

Jeg er kanskje en alt for snill, men jeg var i godt humør, og siden jeg regnet med at hun var en nybegynner, ga jeg henne en sjanse til, denne gang kanskje litt mer konkret:

Hi again

I think you misunderstood me. As I said I understand you are a fraud, I just thought you did such a poor job that I felt sorry for you. I was giving you a second chance to make another first impression. What you sent me now, was this typical second letter from you guys. I wanted a first letter one more time. One with a bit more feeling in it. With the slightest possibility that I repeat myself: If your going to fool me, you have to come up with a story I can believe, and it must have at little twist to it, something personal, something different from the others. Here's some advice:

1 "I REQUEST TO BE MY GUARDIAN AND THEN HELP ME TO COME OVER YOUR COUNTRY". This sounds just desperate, if the receiver understand what you mean. I wouldn't take that for granted, because the sentence actually makes no sense.

2. All you girls have dead fathers, who were killed because whatever reason. This is always one of the first things you tell, it's just not believable. Though if it were true, nobody would trust a complete stranger to take care of 4,5 million dollars for a 20% profit. What you should do, is be a bit more patient. Try to let the guy think you want to know him. Write about yourself, let him write about himself. And the most important thing of all. Read what he writes, and answer what he writes. You must satisfy him if you want to earn his trust. He must feel that he knows you before you asks him for help with the money. You are the one that has all to win in this game, he is the one who will lose, therefor be patient.

I'm in a good mood today, so I'll gieve you a third chance, but remember. Pretend that you write to me for the first time. This time you really have to do an effort. It's your last call. I won't let you try more if you mess this up. Good luck Miss Delphine, I'm sure you can do it girl, I root for you;)

Your's TG

PS: Loved the pic, you're so sexy! Send a new one.

Håper hun tar dette til etteretning og virkelig prøver denne gangen. Får hun det til gleder jeg meg til å hjelpe henne videre til neste trinn på stigen.

fredag 3. februar 2012

Dominon Adu 3: Mine finansielle problemer og den enorme flyktningeleiren

Jeg skjønte etterhvert at det var best å gå over på engelsk, jeg prøvde da og følge opp med litt reinsdyrprat, for å se om det funket denne gangen. Jeg måtte også være så ærlig at jeg foralte henne om mine små finansielle problemer. Det er hærlig å være ærlig!

Still cold here, perfect for reindeer slaughter.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the conditions in your camp. Can you tell me more about it? How many people live there? How many live in the women hostel? I've never heard about God's Grace though. Is she like his wife? Is she like Wonder Woman and saves people?

It's a great thing you want to study. A woman of today needs a good education, so she can get a job and support the family. What are you studying?

About the money issue, I can promise that I want to help you with this. But there is one problem. I'm incredible rich, but now I have some trouble with the Norwegian tax office. I have now cashed out all my assets, because the authorities will freeze all my money if I get them on an bank account. I'm now forced to buy solid gold to secure my fortune. I have to fix this before I can help you. I don't want to risk your money in the hands of the Norwegian government.

Until this is out of the world, I hope we can continue getting to know each other better:)


Det tok faktisk en hel dag før svaret kom, men denne gangen hadde hun da i det minste lest hva jeg skrev, hun hadde fått med seg det om pengeproblemet

Hello sir
how are you doing today? i hope you are really doing fine.. Sir, am so much happy to see your message to me today and i also appreciate all your effort and promises to help me out in the transfer and also for me to come out from here to finish my education so that i can continue with life and future ahead of me.. We are about 39 girls in the hostel and it has been my wish to became a medical doctor (medicine and surgery) and i wish to have a hospital free of charge for the less previlledged in future..

I am sorry to hear about the little financial shake that you are having with the goverment of your country and i know that it's going to be over very soon.. Sir, i have discussed with the bank in london and they agreed to help me out in the transfer only when i have a foreign partner who can help me transfer the money and also invest the money into something meaningful since am still young to hand such and amount of money at my age..

The bank also assured me that they will help me out in the transfer to any country where my partner is located without any problem from the International Money Laundering law enforement agency in your country or even with the goverment of your country. I will like you to help me out in this transfer as soon as possible so that the bank can transfer the money into your account in your country.. so please try and tell me what you have in mind over this so that i can give you the bank details concerning the money for you to tell them the situation that is with you over there in your country and also ask them how they can do the transfer.

I am waiting for your kind and urgent reply to me today as soon as you see my mail because am going to write to the bank now again to tell them the situation that my foreign partner has and to also ask them how they can help us in the transfer to your country..

yours one and only sincere darling,

39 jenter altså i den flyktningeleiren. Vent litt, 39? Hahahaha :D

onsdag 1. februar 2012

Jane Abraham 3: Jane blir nok nervøs, men jeg har bevis!

Etter at jeg hadde fortalt Jane om de foruroligende opplysningene fra Bank of Africa, tok det ikke lang tid før svaret kom:

That is not true please call me now on +2330541566420 .
yours Jane

Jeg hadde selvfølgelig ikke noe annet valg enn å sende en kopi av et brev i mitt navn, fra Bank of Africa. Det er i allefall ikke noen tvil om at signaturen her er en vaskeekte senegaleser

As I told you in my first letter. I have no phone at the moment. I'll send you a copy of the letter I got from Bank of Africa

Thomas G

Brevet i full størelse (pdf)

Jane Abraham 2: So far - so good, eller?

Det gikk ikke lang tid før Jane sendte meg svaret. Her kom detaljer om hvor mye som skulle tilfalle meg om jeg hjelper henne. Litt skuffet ble jeg da det var de samme bildene som var vedlagt.

Hello my dear Thomas,

I am happy that you decided to help me with your whole heart with love and I will respect you all the days of my life . Listen you are the only family I have now and I entrusted this to you because I have no other option. Since I left Libya I have been suffering hunger which I have never seen in my life except now.

God has brought you to me to bless you and your family and give me freedom too . I am willing to offer you 30 percent apart out of all the money if you help me gain my freedom and as well make the bank to transfer the money to you. Right now I am helpless and have no money here with me due to the war I even lost my international passport which I have to get a new one here from the immigration /consulate office.

I will love to study chemical Engineering in the university in your country. Please help me gain my freedom. I have given my daddy's bank all your contact information which you gave to me and have introduced you to them as my guardian and late fathers abroad business partner whom is the beneficiary of the fund my late father deposited in their bank that was why they requested that I should bring your contacts and address .Below is my Daddy's account information with the bank I gave it to you with trust for I have no other option please help me I am suffering here I need my freedom.

Below is my late daddy account information with the bank.

Depositor: Johnson Abraham
Account Number: 1000-234-3767
Amount Deposited: $ 9,200,000.00 USD only.
Date of deposit: 05.01.2004

Please now contact the bank now on their below contact information for them to process and transfer the funds to you as my guardian and Trustee of the investment fund deposit which my late daddy made in their bank. THE BANK CONTACT IS BELOW .

Bank Of Africa
Siege Social
4 Av. Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal
Tel: 00221 768 816 732 .
Fax:00221 768 816 554
Contact Person : Dr. Lukeman Ivy.

Please reply to me once you contact the bank today and also Call Dr. Lukeman Ivy on phone too once you send them an email.So that they will know our seriousness.


Yours lovely and worried love

Jane Abraham .

Jeg syntes det var litt tidlig å begynne å snakke foretninger så tidlig i forholdet vårt. Jeg har ikke lyst til å ende opp som en rundlurt pensjonist med tapte illusjoner og tom bankkonto, så jeg prøvde på litt smalltalk.

Good you're happy. And it's good that you trust me. I don't want you to suffer, and soon we will make this. As you say it's only the second time we
we write, so I think we have to get to know each other a bit more first.

You say you come from Libya, it must have been terrible there, but now it's peace, why can't you go back? And why are you in Senegal? Isn't it hard getting from Libya to Senegal?
Why not Egypt or Tunisia? Much closer to home, Mediterranean climate and everything? Have you studied engineering before? I was never good at chemistry, maybe you can teach me some day?

Love to here more from you


Det var tydeligvis ikke smalltalk Jane var ute etter, for svar uteble. Her måtte det tydeligvis litt sterkere krutt til. OK challenge accepted, her skulle jeg da virkelig lage liv i flyktningeleiren!


I have som shocking news for you. I checked out your bank contact. He may be a fraud! There is apparently no Dr Lukeman Ivy working for the Bank of Africa! BoA also confirmed that they never use e-mail accounts. You should really check this for your self. It would surely be a disaster for you if your money dissapared! Please contact me right at once you know anything. I'm really worried that you have met some guys who are trying to con you.

Hope for the best
Your friend Thomas


Delphine 1: Dette kan bli gøy!

Her om dagen kom det en ny mail i inboxen. Mens de fleste andre jentene har vært interesserte i forhold, gikk denne jenta rett på sak:

From: Miss Delphine Sylvie to you,

Dearest One,


My name is Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro (21 years) the only surviving daughter of the late Desir Assegnini Tagro. My father was an Ivorian politician who as Interior Minister and Secretary General of the ousted former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo served during the 2002-2011 Ivorian political crises. He died on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PISAM in hospital after he was hit severally and closed his mouth at the presidential residence by armed rebel forces (FRCI) Alassane Ouattara from, which is now the president of my country Cote d'Ivoire.

For the death of my father in hospital in Cocody Abidjan PISAM, he told me of four million five hundred thousand united states dollars($4.5million)Left in a b ank here in Abidjan, please I'm your kind and urgent assistance to transfer and invest this fund in your country and for me coming to your country to continue my education. I am willing to offer you 20% of the total money and help me.

Thank you and God bless you
Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro.

Da dette var et ufattelig dårlig forsøk på dårlig skjult svindel følte jeg litt synd på vedkommende. Jeg følge jeg måtte gi noen velmenende råd på vegen

Hi Delphine

I've been in contact with some of your kind. What you do is such a bad
try. If you're going to scam someone, at least come up with a plausible
story? Do you know how many mails I get with the same content? I'm
surprised there are adult men left in Africa, because daily I get letters
from girls who have lost their fathers.

If your going to fool me, you have to come up with a story I can belive,
and it must have at little twist to it, something personal, something
different from the others. Tell you what, I'll give you a second try. Give
it a proper thought. Come up with something good, remarkable AND belivable.

Looking forward to hear from you again :)


Rett etter at jeg hadde sendt denne kom jeg på at jeg hadde glemt det viktigste


It's me again. I just forgot. The others usually send sexy pictures in the
first mail. You should really consider that :)


Får jeg en god tilbakemelding på denne kan det bli skikkelig artig :D

søndag 29. januar 2012

Jane Abraham 1: Jente fra Libya med masse penger

De fleste jentene som har skrevet til meg har vært mest opptatt av kjærlighet, tilsynelatende. Jane Abraham legger ikke skjul på at her er det penger inne i bildet! JEG BLIR RIK!!!

Hi my dear, Nice to meet you here today,I am a nice looking girl of 21 years old . I need your friendship and relationship.I am in pains now and I have been crying because of the war in my country Libya which was caused by president Moammar Gadhafi that killed my daddy who worked in the oil and gas company as the marketing director for many years .During this war after the death of my daddy I fled to a country where he made his life time hard earned money as the marketing director of oil and gas and I am there now as a refugee in a hotel in Dakar Senegal . Please help me receive my inheritance fund of 9.2million usd in a prime finance house as my guardian and late father abroad business partner because the bank said they need any of my late father business associate to stand for me .Please send me your full name, address and mobile phone number and call me now on this number please I need your help now . Yours love Jane Abraham.

Der det er penger er det håp tenkte jeg, så da var det jo bare å svare i veg da:)

Hi Jane
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I really hope you've managed to get help. If not, I promise to do what I can, to get your 9,2 millions. I'm really sorry to tell you that I have no phone, so we have to do this over the internet
Best Regards

Veldig synd at telefonen min ble ødelagt, så jeg ikke kan ringe å prate med henne