onsdag 1. februar 2012

Delphine 1: Dette kan bli gøy!

Her om dagen kom det en ny mail i inboxen. Mens de fleste andre jentene har vært interesserte i forhold, gikk denne jenta rett på sak:

From: Miss Delphine Sylvie to you,

Dearest One,


My name is Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro (21 years) the only surviving daughter of the late Desir Assegnini Tagro. My father was an Ivorian politician who as Interior Minister and Secretary General of the ousted former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo served during the 2002-2011 Ivorian political crises. He died on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PISAM in hospital after he was hit severally and closed his mouth at the presidential residence by armed rebel forces (FRCI) Alassane Ouattara from, which is now the president of my country Cote d'Ivoire.

For the death of my father in hospital in Cocody Abidjan PISAM, he told me of four million five hundred thousand united states dollars($4.5million)Left in a b ank here in Abidjan, please I'm your kind and urgent assistance to transfer and invest this fund in your country and for me coming to your country to continue my education. I am willing to offer you 20% of the total money and help me.

Thank you and God bless you
Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro.

Da dette var et ufattelig dårlig forsøk på dårlig skjult svindel følte jeg litt synd på vedkommende. Jeg følge jeg måtte gi noen velmenende råd på vegen

Hi Delphine

I've been in contact with some of your kind. What you do is such a bad
try. If you're going to scam someone, at least come up with a plausible
story? Do you know how many mails I get with the same content? I'm
surprised there are adult men left in Africa, because daily I get letters
from girls who have lost their fathers.

If your going to fool me, you have to come up with a story I can belive,
and it must have at little twist to it, something personal, something
different from the others. Tell you what, I'll give you a second try. Give
it a proper thought. Come up with something good, remarkable AND belivable.

Looking forward to hear from you again :)


Rett etter at jeg hadde sendt denne kom jeg på at jeg hadde glemt det viktigste


It's me again. I just forgot. The others usually send sexy pictures in the
first mail. You should really consider that :)


Får jeg en god tilbakemelding på denne kan det bli skikkelig artig :D

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