tirsdag 7. februar 2012

Delphine 2: Ojojoj, hva skal man si? Hun er nok en nybegynner.

Jeg syntes at Delphine gjorde en så dårlig jobb som svindler, at jeg ga henne en mulighet til. Dessverre benyttet hun seg ikke av den

Good morning to you

I thank you so much for your kind response to my email proposal regarding the transfer of my late father's money into your account for the investment and better future of my life. Well i don’t know you in person but after going through your mail i see you as right person that God choose for me, so with this i so much believe that you will not cheat me as the money will be coming into your account. Please i come to you with the name of God to help me out from my critical condition, i contacted you believing that my life will be save through you and i come to you with all my heart and hope.

After reading your message I do understand that you really want to help me in my present condition which i explained to you in my first mail to you, I need you to stand as my guardian and provide some necessary thing to back me up in your place like bank account where the money will be save transferred and arrange for me to come over to your country so I can continue my education and live a good life because my condition here is very critical. I hope you do understand all the contains of my first mail to you, is because i want to come over to your Country and gain freedom to continue my education.

Here is more information about me, I am Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro, from the Republic de Cote d'ivoire, I am the only daughter of Late Mr. Desir Assegnini Tagro who died on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PISAM in hospital after he was hit severally and closed his mouth at the presidential residence by armed rebel forces (FRCI) Alassane Ouattara from, which is now the president of my country Cote d'Ivoire.
Meanwhile, here are the area I need your help,

1) To help provide an bank account to transfer the money and negotiate for a lucrative business to establish the money for my future life,

(2) To serve as the guardian of the money and my investment director hence I am still a student,

(3) To secure me some necessary papers which will permit me to live in your country to further my education.

Please in your return to this letter include your home and office address, telephone number and fax numbers upon receipt I will submit your information to the bank as my foreign partner who is helping me to transfer the money into your account. Please i am waiting for your kind response.

Best Regard
Miss Delphine Sylvie Tagro.

Jeg er kanskje en alt for snill, men jeg var i godt humør, og siden jeg regnet med at hun var en nybegynner, ga jeg henne en sjanse til, denne gang kanskje litt mer konkret:

Hi again

I think you misunderstood me. As I said I understand you are a fraud, I just thought you did such a poor job that I felt sorry for you. I was giving you a second chance to make another first impression. What you sent me now, was this typical second letter from you guys. I wanted a first letter one more time. One with a bit more feeling in it. With the slightest possibility that I repeat myself: If your going to fool me, you have to come up with a story I can believe, and it must have at little twist to it, something personal, something different from the others. Here's some advice:

1 "I REQUEST TO BE MY GUARDIAN AND THEN HELP ME TO COME OVER YOUR COUNTRY". This sounds just desperate, if the receiver understand what you mean. I wouldn't take that for granted, because the sentence actually makes no sense.

2. All you girls have dead fathers, who were killed because whatever reason. This is always one of the first things you tell, it's just not believable. Though if it were true, nobody would trust a complete stranger to take care of 4,5 million dollars for a 20% profit. What you should do, is be a bit more patient. Try to let the guy think you want to know him. Write about yourself, let him write about himself. And the most important thing of all. Read what he writes, and answer what he writes. You must satisfy him if you want to earn his trust. He must feel that he knows you before you asks him for help with the money. You are the one that has all to win in this game, he is the one who will lose, therefor be patient.

I'm in a good mood today, so I'll gieve you a third chance, but remember. Pretend that you write to me for the first time. This time you really have to do an effort. It's your last call. I won't let you try more if you mess this up. Good luck Miss Delphine, I'm sure you can do it girl, I root for you;)

Your's TG

PS: Loved the pic, you're so sexy! Send a new one.

Håper hun tar dette til etteretning og virkelig prøver denne gangen. Får hun det til gleder jeg meg til å hjelpe henne videre til neste trinn på stigen.

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