fredag 3. februar 2012

Dominon Adu 3: Mine finansielle problemer og den enorme flyktningeleiren

Jeg skjønte etterhvert at det var best å gå over på engelsk, jeg prøvde da og følge opp med litt reinsdyrprat, for å se om det funket denne gangen. Jeg måtte også være så ærlig at jeg foralte henne om mine små finansielle problemer. Det er hærlig å være ærlig!

Still cold here, perfect for reindeer slaughter.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the conditions in your camp. Can you tell me more about it? How many people live there? How many live in the women hostel? I've never heard about God's Grace though. Is she like his wife? Is she like Wonder Woman and saves people?

It's a great thing you want to study. A woman of today needs a good education, so she can get a job and support the family. What are you studying?

About the money issue, I can promise that I want to help you with this. But there is one problem. I'm incredible rich, but now I have some trouble with the Norwegian tax office. I have now cashed out all my assets, because the authorities will freeze all my money if I get them on an bank account. I'm now forced to buy solid gold to secure my fortune. I have to fix this before I can help you. I don't want to risk your money in the hands of the Norwegian government.

Until this is out of the world, I hope we can continue getting to know each other better:)


Det tok faktisk en hel dag før svaret kom, men denne gangen hadde hun da i det minste lest hva jeg skrev, hun hadde fått med seg det om pengeproblemet

Hello sir
how are you doing today? i hope you are really doing fine.. Sir, am so much happy to see your message to me today and i also appreciate all your effort and promises to help me out in the transfer and also for me to come out from here to finish my education so that i can continue with life and future ahead of me.. We are about 39 girls in the hostel and it has been my wish to became a medical doctor (medicine and surgery) and i wish to have a hospital free of charge for the less previlledged in future..

I am sorry to hear about the little financial shake that you are having with the goverment of your country and i know that it's going to be over very soon.. Sir, i have discussed with the bank in london and they agreed to help me out in the transfer only when i have a foreign partner who can help me transfer the money and also invest the money into something meaningful since am still young to hand such and amount of money at my age..

The bank also assured me that they will help me out in the transfer to any country where my partner is located without any problem from the International Money Laundering law enforement agency in your country or even with the goverment of your country. I will like you to help me out in this transfer as soon as possible so that the bank can transfer the money into your account in your country.. so please try and tell me what you have in mind over this so that i can give you the bank details concerning the money for you to tell them the situation that is with you over there in your country and also ask them how they can do the transfer.

I am waiting for your kind and urgent reply to me today as soon as you see my mail because am going to write to the bank now again to tell them the situation that my foreign partner has and to also ask them how they can help us in the transfer to your country..

yours one and only sincere darling,

39 jenter altså i den flyktningeleiren. Vent litt, 39? Hahahaha :D

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