onsdag 1. februar 2012

Jane Abraham 2: So far - so good, eller?

Det gikk ikke lang tid før Jane sendte meg svaret. Her kom detaljer om hvor mye som skulle tilfalle meg om jeg hjelper henne. Litt skuffet ble jeg da det var de samme bildene som var vedlagt.

Hello my dear Thomas,

I am happy that you decided to help me with your whole heart with love and I will respect you all the days of my life . Listen you are the only family I have now and I entrusted this to you because I have no other option. Since I left Libya I have been suffering hunger which I have never seen in my life except now.

God has brought you to me to bless you and your family and give me freedom too . I am willing to offer you 30 percent apart out of all the money if you help me gain my freedom and as well make the bank to transfer the money to you. Right now I am helpless and have no money here with me due to the war I even lost my international passport which I have to get a new one here from the immigration /consulate office.

I will love to study chemical Engineering in the university in your country. Please help me gain my freedom. I have given my daddy's bank all your contact information which you gave to me and have introduced you to them as my guardian and late fathers abroad business partner whom is the beneficiary of the fund my late father deposited in their bank that was why they requested that I should bring your contacts and address .Below is my Daddy's account information with the bank I gave it to you with trust for I have no other option please help me I am suffering here I need my freedom.

Below is my late daddy account information with the bank.

Depositor: Johnson Abraham
Account Number: 1000-234-3767
Amount Deposited: $ 9,200,000.00 USD only.
Date of deposit: 05.01.2004

Please now contact the bank now on their below contact information for them to process and transfer the funds to you as my guardian and Trustee of the investment fund deposit which my late daddy made in their bank. THE BANK CONTACT IS BELOW .

Bank Of Africa
Siege Social
4 Av. Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal
Email: infbakofafrican@live.com
Tel: 00221 768 816 732 .
Fax:00221 768 816 554
Contact Person : Dr. Lukeman Ivy.

Please reply to me once you contact the bank today and also Call Dr. Lukeman Ivy on phone too once you send them an email.So that they will know our seriousness.


Yours lovely and worried love

Jane Abraham .

Jeg syntes det var litt tidlig å begynne å snakke foretninger så tidlig i forholdet vårt. Jeg har ikke lyst til å ende opp som en rundlurt pensjonist med tapte illusjoner og tom bankkonto, så jeg prøvde på litt smalltalk.

Good you're happy. And it's good that you trust me. I don't want you to suffer, and soon we will make this. As you say it's only the second time we
we write, so I think we have to get to know each other a bit more first.

You say you come from Libya, it must have been terrible there, but now it's peace, why can't you go back? And why are you in Senegal? Isn't it hard getting from Libya to Senegal?
Why not Egypt or Tunisia? Much closer to home, Mediterranean climate and everything? Have you studied engineering before? I was never good at chemistry, maybe you can teach me some day?

Love to here more from you


Det var tydeligvis ikke smalltalk Jane var ute etter, for svar uteble. Her måtte det tydeligvis litt sterkere krutt til. OK challenge accepted, her skulle jeg da virkelig lage liv i flyktningeleiren!


I have som shocking news for you. I checked out your bank contact. He may be a fraud! There is apparently no Dr Lukeman Ivy working for the Bank of Africa! BoA also confirmed that they never use @live.com e-mail accounts. You should really check this for your self. It would surely be a disaster for you if your money dissapared! Please contact me right at once you know anything. I'm really worried that you have met some guys who are trying to con you.

Hope for the best
Your friend Thomas


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