mandag 17. oktober 2011

Anna 3: From Russia with love?

Jeg måtte jo svare Anna når hun til slutt skrev til meg. Jeg må si at Anna gjør en litt bedre jobb en Stephanie for å framstå som troverdig, med hovedvekt på litt. Engelsken hennes er kanskje ikke den beste, det er til tider bare ord i tilfeldig rekkefølge, men det går da an å komme seg igjennom det på et vis. 

Hi Anna

I'm happy you wrote to me, AT LAST. Hehe, no that's OK. So, who is Anna?
Where do you come from, and what do you do?

As you say, there are really many spamers out there. I all the time get
letters from African girls, it's pretty annoying. What made me shure that
I could trust you was what you wrote about your own insecurity about
taking contact over mail. The spamers use to be very confident and direct,
and this was how I knew that you were not one of them

I send you a photo of me, as you wanted. Looking forward to your answer

Love TG.

Man må virkelig lure på om noen som omtaler seg selv som "pretty educated" tror at setningen " Hey is again writing to you I - Anna" betyr noe som helst, det er det hun åpner med og lista ligger der altså. Enjoy!

Hey is again writing to you I - Anna. Last time I wrote to you, but it was only a short message. Please excuse me for my first message, then unfortunately I was very busy at work and so could not write you much. Sorry!A friend of mine believe me I do not want to lie to you, I want to know just what you are, what your life and I really like to talk to you, just snimiti suspicions with me!
So where to start my first story about myself, I do not know. This communication online new for me and I'm even a little embarrassed. Never before had such a dialogue, but I feel that online dating is very interesting.
Well, follow the rules and start my story about himself to the point.
My name is. As you already know my name is Anna. I am 28 years old. My date of birth June 3, 1983. I'm pretty educated woman, with good performance and with a good sense of humor. I do not drink (I admit, but sometimes the holidays is a little bit about a glass of wine), I do not smoke and never used drugs. I mention drugs now, because now is a terrible time that many women are stuck in drugs. Personally, I was strictly brought up by my parents, so I do not use a child anything that would harm my health.
By nationality I am Russian and I live in a huge metropolis Moscow. This is in Russia, if you do not know. At a sign from the horoscope I Gemini. I am calm, balanced, and all this cheerful woman. I must now describe myself as a princess, although it is not. I have my faults, but this may be later. Do not want to just talk to you about their shortcomings. Unfortunately I am not married yet and much to our regret I do not have children. I write the word "unfortunately" because I really want to get married, but that it happened in my life that I still have not met the right man. Of course, like any woman I've had serious relationships with men here, but that relationship ended as quickly as begun. I guess I just did not meet that man who could truly love and appreciate me.
I fully secured by a woman and have a good job. I work for a construction company as a master of landscape project. I love this job! I love to decorate the house, front garden, the interior of a new home, make repairs to homes, apartments.
About my hobbies. Maybe you're a little surprised at my hobby, but it is my passion and I can not do anything with them. More from school with my friends, we love to collect leaves of trees. At first it was a childish infatuation, but in time for me to this hobby has turned into a hobby. I pick the leaves of trees and lay them in the book. So they persist and do not change their shape. Here is my strange hobby, but I hope that you will not think about me because of my hobby, as a strange woman? Please do not think about me. This is just my hobby and I collected leaves me sometimes even calm when I look at them.
In addition to this hobby, I also have many other interests. For example, I love to dance, and in his spare time, I go to dancing school. Dancing maintain my figure and yet it is also a sport. I also love to cook different dishes and on weekends I'm not one hour at the stove. I like experimenting in the kitchen, sometimes even inventing new dishes themselves. This is interesting. So, I could still write a lot of you that I love and that I do not like, but I fear that time is not enough for this. Moreover, this letter has got longer and you're probably already tired of reading my scribbling. This is not it? Excuse me for what I make you read so much, but I hope you carry away my story about myself.
Well, I stay on it. For the first letter is sufficient. Now you have at least some idea about me and my kind. I hope you find me interesting for yourself and write your answer soon. I'll wait for your answer and of course read with great interest your letter about your life and certainly for you. Do not forget to send your photo. I would be interested to see your life through photos.
Sincerely your new friend from Russia Anna.

En landskapsarkitekt som samler på løv og er glad i å danse, det har jeg faktisk aldri tenkt over som en drømmedame. Fikk nok et bilde da. 

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