mandag 10. oktober 2011

Steph. 3 Hjæm te dæ - eller hjæm te mæ?

Jeg følte jeg måtte bruke litt tid på å svare Stephanie. På grunn av usammenhengende tekst og ikke verdens beste engelsk tok det litt tid før jeg klarte å ta inn over meg hva "hun" egentlig ville. Jeg tror egentlig at hun ville være en godt over middels elsket slave. Jeg prøvde å svare, og la på en god del bullshit.

Hi Steph:)

All well? Hope so. Yes honesty is very important for me to. I don´t want to play games, It´s best to tell everything exact like it is. I try my best never to fool someone, and would never take advatage of anyone. It´s important to know that you can trust the people you surround and have relations to.

I really have to admit, I was not looking for a relationship, but you never know when things will change. When I got your letter, I tried to see my self with a girlfriend, and I must say, the thought is intriguing. It sorts of grows on me. Last night when I just had shot a bear, I thought: The skin would be a perfect gift for a girlfriend. Do you know polar bears? They have a beautiful white thick fur. Fantastic as a rag in front of the fireplace, if you understand ;)

I think it´s a bit early to meet, yet. But maybe, only the time will let us know. I will offer  blood to Skuld, my norse goddes of fortune and future to let her be gentle with us, and do what is best for us. I really like your views on family matters. I´m very conservative, and that doesn´t allways go well whith the modern way of European thinking.

You say you´re not to old, then I have to say I think you´re in the perfect age. To big age difference between at man and woman is not good. You´re in an age where it´s perfect to start a family. You´ve had your years as single. Now it´s time to be bound to a man and his house.

All relationships are about giving and taking. It shouldn´t be only one way. No people are perfect, though I have to admit that I, myself, is very close, and I want my partner to be as good as she can get also. I´m not Christian, I belive in the old Scandinavian gods, and Odin is the allfather. I would recomend last summers big movie hit, the american film THOR, for a great introduction to my religion. Though, I do respect all belives and faiths. All people should be free of mind to belive in what they belive in, and noone should try to take faith from them. I would not mind have a christian partner, and the biblical based principles are a very standard way of living that you find i most religions.

I have been i South Africa, and I would really go back to Africa some time. At the time I can´t afford such a travel, because the global warming make it harder to hunt bears. I belive that money is only money and over time that will not be an obstacke if you really want something. When I find the woman I want to share my life with, I will go all in. But after beeing burned some times, I now really want to know that this is it, first. Like you I´m tired of being hurt. If it after a while feels like you are that woman, I would love to hear the birds singing and the ocean breeze with you.


PS. Send you a photo of me, taken last week, with the trophy of the day

Det tok ganske akkurat 37 minutter fra jeg trykte på send, til svaret lå i innboksen min. Jeg er selvfølgelig litt skuffet over at hun tilsynelatende ikke bryr seg så mye om isbjørnjakt. Uansett er vi litt på gli i forhold til å møtes. Hun ønsker at jeg skal komme nedover på besøk en gang, hvis jeg ønsker det, kan også hun komme opp hit. Jeg lurer på om jeg skal be henne på jakttur en gang. Her er i allefall svaret:

Hi Dear
Good evening and how has your day been? and thank you for your understanding, the love, the caring and the honesty.
  I am going to be a little brief on this message because i want to go home now and I don't like walking out at night, I couldn't help but keep thinking about you,I said let me come and cheek my mail if i have any mail from you and am happy that you mail.  if you want us to meet, be strong in your faith, keep your believe and know that what God have given you(Stephanie) is worth your attention, it's worth your devotion, it's worth your love and all that you could give. I am not saying that I am an Angel but you know yourself Thomas and I know myself, I am not as well saying this that you have to love me NO,I am simply telling you who I am. I have always emphasized on the fact that I am from a poor home but my love is my wealth and why I am saying all of this is because of the distance between us, if we were close, I wouldn't be stressing on all of this because you will see me for yourself and will know if this is what you have been searching all through to find or not.

Yes I want us to meet and if you have to come, I will be happy or If you want me to come over I will do that too.
I can't say exactly but I know that I feel so sure with you, I feel safe with your thought and I can see myself with so much confident that I am in the right place. I have to tell you that I have been watching each and ever line of word that comes out from your mouth and they are all matured, that show me a man that wants love, they show me a man that would care for a woman just as much as he cares for himself, they show me a man that is truthful and honest, they show me a man that is not considering his own interest ahead of that of the woman, they show me a faithful a man, a man full of respect and want for others all that he wants for himself.let see how its we go just know that am here thinking about you.have a nice weekend waiting to hear from you soon.your Stephanie.

Så, det var dagens brevveksling, har noen løse tråder i forhold til nye jenter, forhåpentligvis kommer det flere ganske fort. Stay tuned!

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