onsdag 12. oktober 2011

Stephanie 5. Stephanie bedyrer at hun leser hva jeg skriver, og vil lage barn!

Jeg måtte jo sende en mail til, til Steph. før jeg reiser ut i isødet. Jeg konfronterer henne med at hun aldri svarer på det jeg skriver om, men skriver det samme i hvert brev. Hun svarer at hun leser hva jeg skriver, og så fortsetter hun i samme sporet som før. Hvor viktig trofasthet er, hvor viktig trofasthet er og om hvor viktig trofasthet er, etc. Helt til slutt kommer det foresten noe om at hun vil ha barn med meg, jeg tror virkelig jeg klarer å styre min begeistring:)

I had the time to check my mail, one more time before we leave for som days out in the ice. I was so happy to see I got a mail from you. But I have to say I`m really disappointed now. You write almost the same in every letter, and it doesn't seem like you read what I write to you. I write to you how I feel about you, and about who I am. I wrote that I think it's a bit to early to meet already, but you are asking when we can meet. I write about myself and my life, and experiences of my friend, and you don't seem to care. To me you look like one of these girls that are more eager to get a boyfriend, than to care about who the boyfriend is. If you want to be my girlfriend, then you have to listen to me. I don't want, or need, a girlfriend that doesn't care about what I say, and only commands me to the sofa and TV if I try to peel a potato. 

As I said earlier, I will be gone for some days. I hope I have a nice letter to come back to.

Mediocre Regards
 Svaret kom etter ca 20 timer. Her bedyrer hun at hun leser hva jeg skriver, før hun fortsetter i samme rennet: Trofasthet er viktig, trofasthet er viktig og  trofasthet er viktig, etc. Det morsomme er at teksten kommer med tre forskjellige fonter og størelser. Får en svak fornemmelse for klipp og lim.

Hi Thomas

Good evening and how has your day been? Thank you for the mail, Yes I read your mail and I understand your mail very well.well I don't want to talk about your friend girlfriend and the experiences he has,because in life there are good people and bad people,so maybe he want to the Wong one.am sorry that its happen like that way. the word you use that to you I look like one of those girls that are more eager to have boyfriend is not good to use it on me.but I forgive you. I thought about all of these today and I wish to express it with you and hear what you think about my idea, you already know that I am someone that wants as much as I am given, I want someone that can love and never CHEAT,someone that knows attentions and above all see the need to share conversation in an open manners

Been natural has helped me to reflect on some Bible accounts and want to share this thoughts with you as I believe in whatever thing that you want peoples to do to you,do to them first as Jesus started at Matthew 7:12.
This has prove practical and so true because if you want love,show love to others first,if you want respect,show respect to others first,if you want understanding,try to see where you can show understanding when others are sharing their views,if you want forgiveness,learn to forgive others when they wrong you,if you want caring,be caring to others and in fact anything you want from peoples,be sure to treat them that way first and they will be moved to return the favor and this is what am found of. I believe that we walk through life and eventually meet someone that will means all to us and this one will be the reason why we are alive,you both will understand each others from the very first message and it would be the best blessing that you have ever wished and have waited all your life.I know am not perfect but am ready to do all that I can to keep my home because no place is better or best,you have to make it good, you have to make it better and that's by been honest to your mate,staying true and faithful,be sincere,be loving always,be forgiven and show concern,be respectful and never let pride eat you up,always be ready to say you are sorry and admit when you are corrected because that one that corrected you wants peace still within the house.

I don't want a man that will provide me the heaven of the earth but just want someone that knows that a woman needs some love and attentions and he's really willing to share with her,a man that wants to stay FAITHFUL to his family,a man that will be sincere and honest.I need a man that will stay true to his wife and family,I need a man that we will both grow old in the arms of each others and I know that this kind of man is hard to find but they aren't completely our of reach,you can still find someone of such kind,those that are good and understanding.
I need a man that knows that marriage is understanding and that marriage must have problems since we are both imperfect,I need a man that knows that misunderstanding within the homes even makes us stronger because at the end we are able to see where we went wrong and can correct them and so will grow in love then,I need a man that knows that marriage is been forgiven and teaching,I need a man that knows that marriage is our ability to look far beyond what we are seeing with our eyes on the other person and see only the good side of our partners.I need a man that knows that for marriage to last forever then we must always be willing to have open conversations,that we would have to share our opinion's on what we think on certain issues. I need a man that will be not only my husband but my friend,we could go places together and hold hands,talk on the way and if we have misunderstanding due to the fact that we are two imperfect peoples we should be able to bring the matter on the table and talk about it immediately and not leaving it for so long before we get back to it because this will help us to carry on and under-mind what the devil could have attempt through the misunderstanding.
I have seen so many wonderful qualities on you and I can't explain to you through the emails, I simply pray that we meet each others someday that I can let you know that this is what you have done to me and this is how I am paying you back, with my love I will tenderly care for you, with my understanding you will know peace with me always, with my caring you will feel young at heart forever as long as we are alive Thomas, with my respect you will always be the Hero Of My Heart. I miss you and I am happy that are doing good over there, don't worry if you couldn't write on time as long as you had me in you mind because i needs that. I simply did miss you and couldn't help it since we are far apart from each others. It tears a loving heart apart that distance hold us in the wreck of our emotions.
Please understand me that everything that I have said here is from my heart and don't feel like I am too demanding,I just wish that you can know all that I want and when you look well into all that I have shared with you now,you can tell that they are not hard,they are qualities that are in all humans, they are in you Thomas and i have seen them already but sad that most of us fail to read the Bible and apply the things that we are reading. I miss you and I hope that soon we will meet each others,
So what did you eat today? I wish that I can cook for you that you don't have to be bordered about that again, share your kiss and feel the debt of the love that you have for us. I hope you have a nice night. I hope someday you and I would have our own children, what do you think about this Idea please? When would this be possible if ever? Waiting to hear from you soon again.
good night kiss from Stephanie.  


Nå kommer det til å gå noen dager før det kommer mer her, men stay tuned!  

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  1. Nå kan du endelig få sove om natta, for hun TILGIR deg.... xDDD hahaha, flirer jeg!

  2. Ikke sant, jeg er så lykkelig nå:)